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Extra Sauce

Choose an additional sauce for your Scrumplings DIY Kit for £1

Chef's Special XO Sauce: There's a reason why this sauce is always first on the list for us! A recipe that has been developed over a number of years. Our XO Sauce gently simmers for over an hour in our kitchen to ensure you taste all of its elements including crispy prosciutto. Goes great with all our dumpling fillings, especially Chicken & Ginger.

Tamari & Black Vinegar: A sauce similar to that you'd taste in a traditional Chinese restaurant. We use Tamari, a dark specialist soy sauce alongside authentic Chinese black vinegar to give you that nostalgic feel.</p>

Chilli Sauce: Not for the faint-hearted. Does what it says on the tin and packs a punch.

Soy & Garlic: Our founding partner Amy's favourite sauce. Probably our simplest sauce but that doesn't mean its not as delicious as the others. A mix of dark and light soy alongside fresh garlic makes this sauce special.</p>